The folks at ESEE Knives / Randall’s Adventure & Training know about challenges. Having spent the last 20 years training between the jungles of South America and remote environments stateside, they’ve built a whole gear and training business based on challenges. Their gear line, ESEE Knives, has grown into one of the major players in the factory knife industry, with worldwide distribution and a name recognition that few others hold when it comes to actual experience behind the designs.

Whether it’s surviving in a wilderness environment, rescuing a patient off of a cliff face, teaching advanced land navigation techniques, training search and rescue personnel in lightweight, remote concepts, or teaching advanced tactics to SWAT and special operations teams, Randall’s Adventure & Training (RAT) has built their training and gear business by boots-on-the-ground experience.

The company’s Vice-President, Mike Perrin, describes the growth and changes that have occurred since the company’s inception. “Our training is more diverse and targeted now, and the knife and gear offerings have greatly expanded since our beginnings in 1997. But even though we have evolved and grown, our company has remained true to its original mission: provide students a one-stop-shop for skills and tools needed to save lives, keep the price reasonable, and back everything with the best warranty and customer service in the industry.”

Randall’s Adventure Training was in the survival training business long before the ‘survival’ craze hit the market. As Jeff explains, “Real survival can be extremely hard work, both mentally and physically, and rarely resembles the entertainment value shown on ‘survival’ TV. We distill our training and tools down to the ground truth of what works based on years of experience. When a survivor has a better understanding of the environment they’re thrust into, and what to do should things go sideways, then it greatly increases their odds of making it home to their family.”

Jeff adds, “We simply saw a need that wasn’t being filled when it came to real-world gear and training. ­­There’s a ton of good gear out there, but many gear companies lack the hands-on training to back up their designs. ESEE is changing the way a knife and gear customer looks at what they’re buying or trusting their life to. Even though our company has grown, Mike and I are still hands-on when it comes to our school, gear, customer service and quality, and always will be.”

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